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Bureau of Design and Architecture by Nikolay and Ksenia Kruglov
About Nikolai Kruglov
Magister of Architecture. Member of the Russian Union of Architects. Interior Designer. Artist. Expert in the field of architecture and design on radio and TV, participant of forums, round tables and thematic events. Work experience from 1999 year.

Nikolai Kruglov - special guest on the famous Russian TV show Comedy Club
About Ksenia Kruglova
Interior designer. Graduate from the international British University of Design. Bachelor of Arts. Expert in the field of design on radio, TV and in socail media. Work experience from 2008 year.
Ksenia Kruglova - the article in Marie Claire magazine

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Who said that pleasure can't be functional...
Architect Kruglov Nikolay
"Lux Interiors" is a Kruglov's family group of companies, which values its experience and work results.

Our mission is to preserve the traditions of creating a unique home that reflects the individuality of each client.
The house by "Lux Interiors" is a functional living system tuned to its owner to get maximum relaxation, comfort and inspiration from every object you contact with.
Your home with "Lux Interiors" is a reflection of you, your character, taste and lifestyle in the most stylish and unique interior.
We understand that the time is an irreplaceable resource and we know how to spend it optimally. You don't need to worry about something, sit down and imagine your perfect day in your new amazing home with your lovely family. In a house that you never want to leave...
Nikolai Kruglov
Chief Architect and Head of LUX INTERIORS Group of Companies
Ksenia Kruglova
Chief Designer and Operating Director
Elena Tarasova
Head of the Design Department
Andrey Yankovsky and Pavel Kobets
Interior designers
Representative office in St. Petersburg
Dmitry Sechenikov
Lead Architect. Technical supervisor
Janis Maloletkin
Head of Construction Department
Evgenia Shabalina
Head of Renovation Unit
Alexander Dolgov
Engineer of the heating, water, sewerage and external networks section
Ksenia Kabo
Interior designer
Ksenia Ivanova
Interior designer
Dmitry Esipenko
Сhief engineer
Victor Sytezhev
Head of the Legal Department
Turn-Key Houses
19 years of impeccable work
More than 150 successfully implemented objects
More than 500 trusted suppliers and partners from Russia and Europe
28 qualified specialists in the team
6 projects in Spain, France, Azerbaijan, UAE

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Feedback from Ekaterina about her villa, which was awarded by Best House Award 2017

The author's project of a country villa from Nikolai Kruglov, Chief Architect (LUX INTERIORS LUX INTERIOR) , won the Architectural Oscar of Interia Awards 2017, in the category of House in the style of Tradition.
Awards and media
Video of our finished villa, 1200 m2,
general contractor - LuxInteriors
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